Sherefe, named after the Turkish drinking toast, "to your honor", is a group of American musicians based in Boulder, Colorado dedicated to performing traditional music from the Balkans and the Middle East.

The album "Opium" is a special collection of ballads and laments, drawn from different regional cultures, but all expressing the same theme of loss in love and war. For centuries music like this has transported the player and listener beyond the pain of life, or made a sweet life sweeter still. Musicians flow in and out of the group, those in red are at the heart of Sherefe.

Paul Brown acoustic bass, zarb
James Hoskins cello, vocals
Jesse Manno baglama, bouzouki, flutes, vocals
Beth Quist lead vocals, hammered dulcimer, riqq
Cameron Powers  oud, vocals
Meg York clarinet, vocals
Zahara darabuka, zarb, bendir

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